About Ron Baron

Who I am is your Freedom Warrior. What I am is the space for your freedom and happiness to be realized. I teach Freedomization -- Transformation through Understanding. Awareness, Allowance and Acceptance, provide the space for breakthroughs to be sustainable and give rise to Freedom and Happiness.

Ron Baron, CEO of BaronTransformations, Inc., is in his 30th year of serving clients in the health and beauty industry. He has touched the hearts and minds of many people, allowing them to witness their own shifts in perspective. Ron had a near death experience significantly which permanently altered his life. He could never have imagined what was about to unfold. In 2005, Ron was given three to six months to live. His views on life and his identity, were altered for good. The life that he once knew was over. Ron has learned to serve by teaching and coaching people on how to continually live inside of a transforming life. As your Freedom Warrior, Ron will escort you through the doorway to where a sustainable transformed life becomes possible. “Many people often experience breakthroughs and end up quickly returning back to their old ways”, Ron says. "By understanding the process of Freedomization, you will be empowered and preserve the existence of an enlightened state."

Ron Baron created The Freedom Warrior Method, which is a Trans-Reality Coaching and Training approach to transformation. This method helps you to sustain breakthroughs. As your Chief Freedom Warrior, Ron helps you to clearly understand the process of transformation and the allow it to happen. He also coaches and trains coaches on how to achieve long-lasting results of freedom and happiness.

To better understand that his mission is your mission, go to "My Life's Mission" and re-read and embrace it as your own and notice what happens

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My Life's Mission:
"To Awaken, Enlighten and Liberate Humanity from the Illusions and Delusions of Duality, Separation and Mortality - And cause a vital shift in perspective and focus to realize that We Are All One - We are a temporary family called…Humanity and who we Already Are is an Eternal Expression of Divine Spirit." -- Ron Baron