A Special Message

Nothing will make you an enlightened individual. You will not be enlightened when you meditate, give up your worldly possessions, and walk on a ‘spiritual’ path. This is because nothing ‘is’ going to enlighten you!

Said more clearly, you are an enlightened being the moment you are aware of nothingness. Your mind is clear and thoughtless, allowing everything to be possible. Thinking and doing usually pull you away from being in the moment. Being awake inside of each moment is "the way" of the enlightened soul. Self-actualized souls are in the moment and gain crystal clear visibility. They observe what's going on with the brain's thinking and the body's physicality. When not in a state of thoughtlessness, they realize that there is nothing to do. All there is, is to be and bare witness to the illusions of reality. As soul consciousness, ‘you’ exist and yet under normal circumstances, you go unseen because your brain pays little if any attention to you. By observing and being the light of awareness, your mind will eventually recognize you. This is called mindfulness.

As your Chief Freedom Warrior, I approach Trans-Reality Coaching and Training with a deep sense of gratitude and commitment to your freedom and happiness. When your individual consciousness expands and recognizes itself, you then understand that you are not only ‘in a process’, you "are" the process as well.

You’re an infinite being who is continually challenged with remaining conscious of this. This is because the design of every human brain, coupled with our culture and our personal heritage, gets caught up in the illusions of reality. When you have an experience, your body’s physical senses feed your brain information giving data that your mind interprets. This dilutes the purity of every experience. Once meaning is given to an experience, we dive head first into the illusion of a human reality. This pulls our focus away from being every part of each moment.

Our brain is wired to seek understanding, to make experiences mean something. Experiences only occur in the present moment. They are what they are and are void of meaning at that time the experience occurs. After each experience your brain creates an interpretation in order to create a memory of what just happened. Without realizing it, your interpretations are often substituted with an illusion of truth, which causes potential trouble. The only time that living inside of your reality is an authentic joy ride and fun, is when you are aware that it’s all an illusion. "Reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one."- Dr. Albert Einstein.

Recognizing the difference between enlightenment and un-enlightenment illuminates all that is real in the duality of collective agreement. From suffering to joy, from love to hate, to all that exists in relative opposition, we have a way to relate. Sustaining the balance within this distinctive state of self-realization allows enlightenment to thrive.

The Freedom Warrior Method of Trans-Reality Coaching and Teaching breaks through the boundaries of you interpretations. The practice is designed to illuminate and awaken your individual consciousness. You are enlightenment ‘waiting to happen’. The Freedom Warrior Method is your doorway to freedom and joy.

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"Unhappiness comes from your brain's interpretations, not your life's circumstances"

Ron Baron, CFW