The Who, What & Why of BaronTransformations, Inc.

BaronTransformations, Inc. is a fellowship of people committed to nourishing and supporting the wellness of your mind, body, and individual consciousness. We support your commitment to a transformational lifestyle by helping you to expand into a new reality, helping you access freedom and happiness.

BTI’s primary focus is to awaken your consciousness by offering products and services that lead you to greater health and well being. Our long term focus is to allow future generations to benefit from our efforts.

We provide a transformational environment for seekers of wisdom and enlightenment. Individual breakthroughs help you shift from binding restrictions to new expanded views. This allows you limitless possibility for expansion and connectedness. Freedom and happiness become commonplace.

BaronTransformations, Inc. supports a quality of life that you never thought possible by teaching you transformational living.

With transformational living you:

- Break through old limiting beliefs, illusions of lack, and upset
- Awaken your individual consciousness and gain a deeper sense of self
- Have clarity and joy by expanding your existing reality

- Regain a sense of authenticity, wonder and awe
- Learn to responsibly embrace your own well being

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