About Freedom Warrior Coaching

How long is each session?

A session can be from 1 - 1.5 hours. Expanding your awareness and experiencing breakthroughs are priority. Therefore setting a fixed time is not always workable. It is suggested that you set aside up to 2 hours for your scheduled appointment, in case extra time is needed.

Is this worth my investment?

Yes if you are ready to invest in a new way that will help to sustain your freedom and happiness? The time spent together and the value are priceless. You would not be reading and seeking this if you had already found something that worked. This training will allow a new and sustainable result.

How will I benefit?

You will gain greater understanding of what transformation is and learn valuable tools that are essential to creating the space for major shifts to occur.

The immediate benefit begins the moment you agree and sign up. The Freedom Warrior Method is fast paced, quickly helping you to gain understanding of what it is, and provides you the needed support for you to assimilate what you’ve learned. Dynamic and simple-to-understand conversations escort you to your break-through access points. When the moment a breakthrough arrives a transformational experience occurs.

Life challenges are never something that you completely master, only hopefully love and embrace when they arise. The experience is gratifying every time and you can even have fun during difficult times. Learning to sustain your breakthroughs is a powerful benefit as you become your own Freedom Warrior.

What can I expect after my initial breakthrough?

You will learn to watch your mind and notice how it’s wired to have expectations. You will understand what Freedomization is and how to assimilate it into your live. You will become more aware of your thoughts as you generate new interpretations. The training helps to support being in an awakened state. Being the witnessing observer increases the velocity in which you are able to generate freedom and joy in your life. You are aware of a newness to your life and can enjoy greater success in sustaining you new vantage point. Achievement is directly proportional to your level of accountability for being the person who’s in charge.

How long will the coaching sessions take before I'm ready to fly on my own?

It's impossible to know exactly when you will be ready and yet, will clearly know when that moment has arrived. There is never a time limit or rushed attempt to get through the process. The quality of your life depends on you being able to take what you learn and begin to generate it for yourself. Your sessions are powerful and rigorous, and often brings you to the heart of the matter rather quickly.

Sessions will challenge you, confront you, and allow you to heal misunderstandings. You are supported and realize that you are not alone. You are encouraged to be unstoppable and even unreasonable. You will have fun and enjoy your exciting practice. The subject matter will determine the rigor and length of each session.

The Freedom Warrior Method, opens up a world of possibilities that weren’t possible before. This can be achieved in as quickly as 3 months or as long as one full orbit around the sun. It usually requires being in communication for a period of time in order for anything new to become incorporated and sustained.

When you are ready to fly solo, you will have a deep sense of gratitude for knowing that the time you’ve spent on your health and well being was priceless. Self-love will be different that ever before. Your days of Freedom Warrior coaching and training will be a cherished remembrance. You know that you are a Freedom Warrior when you watch your mind’s thinking have little or no effect on your reactions.

Studies show that one full orbit around the sun (one year) is enough time to reinforce any new reality. One year of Warrior training is optimum for you to self-generate and sustain your own practice as a Warrior.

What is the coaching agreement like?

Freedom Warrior coaching takes an unconventional approach. There are no contracts to sign, only one agreement. Your completion date is individual to you and happens in your own time frame. Freedom Warrior coaching is straightforward, powerful and goes quickly to the heart of the matter.

Your spoken agreement is powerfully giving your word, committing to the process of becoming a Freedom Warrior and living a life of transformation. Honoring your word takes precedence over anything that is written. Your agreement is to stay the course and keep integrity in your life. Without integrity, nothing works.

To support you in honoring your word, there is only one document that you are required to sign -- The Honorary Agreement. This is explained in the Method of Compensation section.

View, Print & Sign the Honoary Agreement
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Through understanding, The Freedom Warrior Method of Trans-Reality Coaching and Training escorts you to your breakthrough access point. Living your life as a Freedom Warrior is our mission accomplished.

Ron Baron, Chief Freedom Warrior

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"When you are asked who you are being, being can never answer that question. There is no language in being. Answering the question brings "knowing" into a perceived interpretation about being. Knowing, is the processing and assimilation of data which exists in the brain. Being, exists as it is."
~ Ron Baron