Fee Schedule

Your first session is a one-hour Orientation. During this Orientation, you are invited to share what you're looking to achieve from your Freedom Warrior Coach. You can also share some personal and family history as well as ask questions. You will learn more about what to expect as we choose your appropriate session package. Together we choose the day and time of your sessions.

Scheduled Time
Scheduled times are not engraved in stone. They may exceed an hour and end when the topic of conversation is complete. It's wise to set aside a two-hour time slot, allowing for extra time. The expansion of your well-being and consciousness is the main focus of every session. We'll know when your session has come to an end.

Freedom Warrior Coaching


Individual Sessions:

Orientation Session: $100
Individual Sessions: $350

*Your orientation is complementary when you purchase a six or twelve month package

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Six & Twelve Month Packages


Six Month Package:

Six Month - 26 Weekly sessions:
Reg. $9,100.00 - Package Price: $8,450

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Twleve Month Package:

One Year - 52 weekly sessions:
Reg. $18,200.00 - Package Price: $15,600

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All Day Boot Camp:
An "All Day" Private Boot Camp: $2,495

This is a Special One-Day Private Intensive Event. Your day will last from 9 am until approximately 7 pm (with a lunch and dinner break of about 1.5-2 hours total). This Boot Camp is for serious individuals who want to have a powerful marathon experience. It requires courage at its best and takes a willingness to surrender to something outside of your reality in a short period of time. You can't prepare for this event, just surrender to it and let ‘er rip!

Your considerations are confronted and the whatever fuel that is charging them vanishes. With gratitude and a healthy sense of humility, you will walk through the doorway and into a life of freedom and happiness. You become clear to create anything that you are passionate about.

This event is not for the faint of heart! It's for those who don't want issues to linger for another day. Carpe Diem and choose this opportunity to to have a rapid shift and allow your life to thrive. You can permanently break through major issues in just one day, once and for all. Boot Camp is the fast track to an amazing life.

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All Pricing for Group Sessions, Workshops and Seminars

An initial Consultation Fee of $500.00.
We will evaluate the needs of the group and choose an appropriate venue.
We will customize a plan of action and delivery.
Pricing is based on the number of participants and the number of event days.

The Honorary Agreement

This is the only document that you agree to sign. It supports and honors your word and helps you keep a strong commitment to your coaching. Your agreement is this: If you choose to terminate your agreement, and you have a credit balance from a purchased package or individual sessions and choose to terminate your agreement, I will donate the unused portion to a charity organization of your choice. You will be sent a receipt.

Your personal transformation and greatness are supported on multiple levels. This is your commitment to ensure your success and achievement as a certified Freedom Warrior.

The Honorary Agreement
The Freedom Warrior Method can help transform many concerns:

Personal Concerns – Emotional, Psychological, Health issues
Business Concerns - Blocks in Career, Money, Success, etc.
Social Concerns - Public Speaking, Shyness, Public Image
Miscellaneous - Blocks are sometimes in your subconscious and are uncovered during your sessions.

*Prices may change without notice on this page - all packages are honored for their term.
*All appointments must be cancelled outside of a 24 hour period or else they are forfeited. Should that occur, booking a new appointment in its place will be $150.

Ron Baron, Chief Freedom Warrior

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"As spirit, we witness - we observe and do nothing more. Our brain and mind "think", interpreting what we witness. Thought, in turn, generates feelings and emotions as our body responds. The observations made by spirit and interpreted by the brain illuminate our personal awareness, offering new options for shaping our individual reality. We can learn to be mindful of this opportunity to choose our reality from among the infinite number available. For it is our interpretation that informs our life experience, creating unhappy frustration or freedom and happiness. I assist you in the interpretation, and thus creation, of your new reality. YOUR FREEDOM IS MY GOAL."

~ Ron Baron