The Freedom Warrior Method Options

Each Method Option provides a different experience of Freedom Warrior Coaching. As you read Option 1 through Option 3, you will know which one is right for you.

Option 1 - Conventionally Unconventional

Your sessions are done sitting down face to face or remotely. Understanding and implementing the process of Freedomization occurs throughout your practice.

Option 2 – Walkin' And Talkin'

For individuals who live locally, together we can take a walk in a park, hike a trail or find a place where walking and speaking is easy. Walking and speaking at the same time allows for a different energy to flow. Breathing more deeply helps to inspire and expand our alertness. Walkin’ the Talk Method can also be done on a treadmill. This option is available no matter where you live. It can take place on location or remotely. So everyone, regardless of location has the option to reap the benefits by breathing more deeply.

Option 3 – Freedom Warrior PLUS

This includes The Quantum Gliding LifeStyle Practice and is the perfect addition to Options 1 and 2.

Quantum Gliding is a breakthrough practice that simultaneously combines easy-to-do daily meditation with aerobic exercise. This practice of meditation and movement is done in-between your coaching sessions. It amplifies the benefits. After each session you are more at peace, have clearer thoughts, feel great and are more physically energized.

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Quantum Gliding (Q-Gliding) helps to more quickly magnify your expanded awareness. It’s a totally amazing approach to your health and well-being, from a mind, body and spirit perspective. You quickly learn that you are not your brain's thinking. Q-Gliding helps to hyper-boost the effectiveness of your transformational coaching sessions. Shift Happens! And when your consciousness shifts, your reality shifts right along with it.

Ron Baron, Chief Freedom Warrior

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The Freedom Warrior Method of Coaching

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"Knowing about being in the moment and actually being in the moment, are two separate things. When you are in the moment, you are no longer mindful of knowing that you are in the moment."

~ Ron Baron"