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What does it mean to be a Freedom Warrior?

As a Freedom Warrior, you practice Freedomization throughout each day. You effortlessly commit yourself to being awake, responsible and accountable for the quality of your life. You are more joyful and playfully free than before you began your practice. With devotion, breakthroughs occur more frequently throughout your life. You start your morning by consciously welcoming each day. The Warrior inside of you radiates a deep sense of gratitude and is kind and self-expressed. Each year is a new chapter in your autobiography and all of your past chapters are remembered and cherished. They remain an intrinsic part of the story that got you here, without being emotionally attached to any of the traumas. As a Freedom Warrior you reflect back on the old chapters with a smile, as you create your new book pages with an open heart.

What is Freedomization™?

Freedomization is a practice which helps to sustained freer and happier way of being. This process begins the moment a breakthrough occurs. This is a new way of being for you because you learn and understand what it is to be present to your life. To be present in each moment is to be fully alive and awake and with the practice of Freedomization, you learn to keep the lights on!

Freedomization is a platform which supports your awakened consciousness. Lifelong sustainability is achieved through awareness, acceptance, and allowance of being wherever you are. This portal for a breakthrough often precedes a realization confirming that initially your life is without meaning until someone makes it up. By accepting something to be ‘as it is’, recognizes that nothing is in the space. Freedomization becomes the practical operating system through which the quality of your life can thrive.

What is the advantage of The Freedom Warrior Method™ of Trans-Reality Coaching?

The Freedom Warrior Method helps you:
- live a happier life
- live a freer life
- have more excitement in your life
- achieve sustainability
- quickly process through issues
- expand the world that is inside of your mind
- be in deeper gratitude for being alive
- create a greater quality of life

Who is a Freedom Warrior?
You are a Freedom Warrior 'waiting to happen'! You are devoted to living a life of transformation and welcome all breakthroughs allowing your consciousness to expand. Living in expanded awareness becomes commonplace. As expanded consciousness, your life is most playful and clear, and you are at peace with the impermanence of your mind and body. Your tendency is to be powerful, unshakable, self-expressed and happy. You are the source of your own wisdom. You have a sense of being alive in a new way. You are grateful for the time you're given.

As a Warrior, you engage in your life by performing ‘reality checks’ with others to help yourself see where you are in relationship to other realities. This helps you remain present. Your internal wisdom provides you with a sense of grace. As a self-realized individual, you know and understand that your life is finally a product of your own creation.

What does it take to be a Freedom Warrior?
- being awake to the wonder of each moment
- accepting and allowing what is, to be ‘as it is’, without interpretation
- being responsible and accountable for 'keeping the lights on'
- powerfully surrendering to the 'nothingness' of all that is
- being fully alive and present to your own existence
- being fully present to the existence of our oneness
- embracing everything/nothing and creation itself

What is Freedom Warrior Lifestyle?

It is a unique lifestyle of creating and living in a reality that is always expanding and enhancing the quality of your life and others. This lifestyle is a mirrors living in the realm of global peace and love for all.

What does your Freedom Warrior Trainer and Coach provide?

Every life has a past history, present moments and thoughts about a future. Every moment usually gets flooded with interpretations of duality and separation which are a major cause of serious confusion and unhappiness. Throughout your life, you interpret experiences of love and hate, richness and poverty, health and disease, joy and sorrow, abundance and lack, etc. These are illusions of separation and duality and will continue to persist as you begin to learn a new vantage point. Having a new view will allow you to detach, observe, allow and accept people, places, and things, as they are. Although illusions are part of the human experience, all of the interpretations which cause your suffering are optional.

Every conscious experience is interpreted by your mind. No matter how big your upset or failed expectation may be, or your level of contentment or saturation of happiness, your mind does its best to fill everything with meaning.

In the light of spirit, you already are. Your access to freedom and expanded consciousness is yours when you allow yourself to be fully engaged with and detached from your identity and your reality. This space allows you to know yourself as the witnessing observer. You are inside an earth suit which has a brain and a mind that comes with it.

As a species, once we are collectively self-realized, all of the needing, the craving and the wanting will vanish as we thrive in service and contribution to one another. Your Coaching and Training provides for you the space to remember who you already are.

Ron Baron, Chief Freedom Warrior

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"Knowing about being in the moment and actually being in the moment, are two separate things. When you are in the moment, you are no longer mindful of knowing that you are in the moment."

~ Ron Baron"