Individual and Group Coaching Sessions

The Freedom Warrior Method Coaching Sessions are easily customizable.

Individual Coaching Sessions - Sessions are very comprehensive and experiential. The focus is for you to gain a full understanding of what it is to be a freedom warrior as you move through a rigorous and intensive coaching process. We focus on "learning transformation through understanding." The Freedom Warrior Coaching Method menu provides more information about individual sessions.

Group Coaching Sessions - This is very much like a one-on-one coaching session although it is done in a group setting. Group Coaching sessions focus on the direct needs and issues within the group and are usually less educational. Philosophy and cognitive theory are a secondary focus and usually appear in the workshops. The focus of group sessions is to deliver immediate results. Although there is less one-on-one time, the power and impact of being in a group is greater and more concentrated because people are mirrors for one another. Focussing on one person at a time allows you to gain a better understanding of yourself. In addition, group issues are collectively brought into the open and examined in a safe and confidential setting.

Group coaching sessions are appropriate for various groups and include individual concerns. A safe environment provides the freedom for authenticity. From sports teams and encounter groups, to committees and people working closely with one another, group coaching helps support breakthroughs of many kinds.

Ron Baron, Chief Freedom Warrior

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"Knowing about being in the moment and actually being in the moment, are two separate things. When you are in the moment, you are no longer mindful of knowing that you are in the moment."

~ Ron Baron"