What is the Trans-Reality Coaching Approach?

The Trans-Reality Coaching Approach™ is an amazing vehicle for transforming reality. This approach is in alignment with the realization that everything is in a constant state of movement and flow. Trans-Reality Coaching™ approaches the process of transformation through understanding.

All Trans-Reality Coaches are clear that the "absolute truth" does not exist inside of any human reality. It is also impossible for it to exist outside of reality. "Absolute Truth" are two very powerfully created words that are loaded with meaning. These words exist in every form of human language and are thought to be the source of peace and harmony. Instead, they are the source of upset, dis-ease, mass disharmony and war.

The process of this type of approach is simple to understand and holds infinite potential for sizable breakthroughs to occur. The amount of time required for a shift to occur is different for everyone. Always remaining aware of our impermanence is one of the most vital thoughts to embrace. Over time, we get to see proof of this by simply observing.

Any professional coaches using this approach to assist clients with their transformation can be considered a Trans-Reality Coach. Coaching styles and methods among coaches vary. They may even vary within your sessions from the same Trans-Reality Coach. However, as long as specific key principles are indoctrinated, you receive one of the most expansive approaches to coaching.

Some of the Key Principles of Trans-Reality Coaching™

1. Observing and allowing is all there is. There are no signs of fixing, improving or correcting your existing reality. All coaches genuinely acknowledge you for being exactly where you are and will request that you do nothing about it.

2. There is a clear and comprehensive understanding about the existence of absolute truth.

3. The focused intention is to teach, empower, encourage and release you as quickly as possible to take flight on your own.

4. You will learn to assimilate in a moments recall that everything is temporary, having a beginning and an end.

5. Your Trans-Reality Coach will empower you to be a self-generator and a leader of your own reality.

6. All Trans-Reality Coaches are "in process" themselves and therefore have their own coach. Any coach without a connection is therefore disconnected and not a Trans-Reality Coach.

Understanding Transformation

Transformational coaches are very different from "winning" coaches who are trying to change or fix something to make it better. Transformation occurs when you break through significant issues in your reality. The breakthrough process causes an initial destabilization of thought. This is followed by greater clarity of thought, often resulting in a state of joy, gratitude and wonder. Nothing is ever done to fix or change anything. Rather, your new reality is altered and shifted simply by observation and understanding. This is your source of wisdom and it all happens on it's own. From this point on, freedom and happiness are present and the opportunity to remain inside of your new reality is possible.

The Wisdom Inside Trans-Reality Approach™

The Trans-Reality Approach supports breakthroughs and transformational moments to occur on their own and without any help of changing or fixing. Seeing, without reacting and allowing things to process on their own is the way. This is the wisdom inside Trans-Reality Coaching, especially when the brain is organically wired to fix and repair things. When we opt out of doing anything to fix something by powerfully choosing to allow what is present to be there, we get to embrace one of the universal laws of energy. The Trans-Reality Coach knows well the process of impermanence and will hold space for your breakthroughs to become commonplace.

The Freedom Warrior Coaching Method™ A Method of Trans-Reality Coaching™

The Freedom Warrior Coaching Method™ is a powerful Trans-Reality Coaching Approach™. This method includes the process called Freedomization™. You will learn and be empowered to have sustainable breakthroughs and be comfortable living in a reality that is in continuous flow. Once you become a Freedom Warrior, your life is permanently altered.

In addition to conventional one-on-one, face-to-face sessions, The Freedom Warrior Method™ offers a unique menu of coaching sessions. Your Freedom Warrior's goal is for you to have a lifetime of continued freedom and happiness. This is an intensive approach to sustaining a lifetime of breakthroughs and is not for the faint of heart, but rather the bold of spirit. A Freedom Warrior quickly sees the illusion of the believed "path" or "journey" which most spiritual seekers appear to be on. The warrior breaks through into a newly expanded reality, realizing that their own belief system is responsible for cutting off any possibility of transformation. Freedom and happiness usually appear in the nano-second following this realization. Enjoying a life of sustained transformation through seeing and understanding is The Way of the Freedom Warrior™.

Ron Baron, Chief Freedom Warrior

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"Knowing about being in the moment and actually being in the moment, are two separate things. When you are in the moment, you are no longer mindful of knowing that you are in the moment."

~ Ron Baron"