Understanding The Freedom Warrior Method

The Freedom Warrior Method

The Freedom Warrior Method™ is for the bold of spirit. Our commitment to your freedom and happiness is held to a high standard. Standing in front of the doorway of every breakthrough exists a barrier waiting to breakdown. Given your trust, surrender and your approval, you are escorted through that doorway. I will compassionately escort you through your difficulty to the freedom and happiness on the other side. The magnitude and intensity of your breakthrough is directly proportional to the magnitude and intensity of the breakdown.

Who benefits from The Freedom Warrior Method of Coaching?

- People who are often stuck inside a reality that continuously runs their life
- Those who find it difficult to cope
- Anyone looking to resolve unpleasant and chronic issues, once and for all

* Freedom Warrior Trans-Reality Coaching is not a substitute for psychiatric or medical attention. It is for healthy individuals who are ready to welcome a way of living which helps provide peace, laughter, happiness, play and a whole lot of freedom.
Two Types of Clients

1. The Life, Wellness and Business Coaches and Health Care Professionals.
It is vital and essential to be accountable for your own well-being. Without self-rejuvenation there is depletion. Coaching the coaches is a way of giving back to my constituents.

2. People who are willing to be responsible for writing their own life's story.
By honoring others, we honor ourselves. By serving others, we serve ourselves. By loving others unconditionally, we live in peace, happiness and freedom. Acknowledging that some of our love is conditional keeps us humble. We not only want to be accepted and understood, we want to live as unconfined and unrestricted as possible. Your coaching sessions give birth to a limitless perspective from which to live, allowing wanting to shift into being.

Ron Baron, Chief Freedom Warrior

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The Freedom Warrior Method of Coaching

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"Knowing about being in the moment and actually being in the moment, are two separate things. When you are in the moment, you are no longer mindful of knowing that you are in the moment."

~ Ron Baron"