Baron's Mini Meditations Scatter Brains

Sku#: BMM1001-3

Scattered thoughts result from an over active brain functioning and a situation where multiple thoughts occur at once. Often times a thoughts patterning is way too fast for your mouth to even speak. Fixing this occurrence would imply that something is wrong. This is not the case. However, to be more effective and productive, one may want to experience their brains patterning and speaking a bit more calmly. All that is needed is a refocus on the breath. Being responsible for taking slow and deep breaths places the body in a state of peace and calm. This re-focus makes it impossible for the brain to continue its roller coaster ride. As a matter of fact, you can stay on the roller coaster ride as it slows way down and allows you to enjoy the entire experience. Thought patterns return to more comforting and peaceful experience.

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