Baron's Mini Meditations When Mourning Comes

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If you believe that when you’re dead, you are dead and/or there is no God or Universal Intelligence, you’ll need to come to grips with the loss of a loved one by allowing yourself to embrace the circle of life at face value. In that you can find peace.

If you believe otherwise, you then have a deep knowing of soul energy and realize that that is who you really are; your brain and your body are but only tools to live as a human being.

Death is but a clear and transparent illusion for the soul that knows itself. Mourning is something that we do when we have forgotten this.

Mourning is a process of loss. It’s very real and meaningful because it lives in a human reality, although it is simply not true. It’s also valid and has it’s psychological (brain) and physiological (body) effects. The soul, however, is not affected in the least as it knows of no loss. As a matter of fact looks to the brain and body with compassion for the lack of eternal wisdom.

When the soul recognizes itself, the brain and body take their proper place and mourning transforms into blissful knowing that all is well always.

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